Shopping (Buying):

Do I need an appointment to shop and try on dresses?
No. There is no appointment necessary to shop or even to try on.

What are your store hours?  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11-6. Saturday 10-3. After hours by appointment – advance notice of at least 24 hours is greatly appreciated for after hours appointments.

What is the price range of your wedding gowns?
See our complete inventory of wedding gowns.

I’m unsure, and I’d like to sleep on it … will you hold a dress for me?
Sorry, we do not put anything on hold.

Do you offer returns or exchanges?  Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

How often does new merchandise come in?
Sometimes it trickles in, and some times it floods … we take items in on consignment year-round, so there is no particular month or time of the year that pin-points new items/consignments. We always have new arrivals for you to see!

Can I order dresses through you, at Always a Bride?
We are primarily an “off the rack” consignment shop with very few exceptions. The dresses you see is what we have … you’ll see the savings too! We can special order some other items such as veils, jewelry, and accessories.

Are all of your dresses used?
No, not at all. True – some are, but we get many consigned gowns that were purchased and never used, and many, MANY new-with-tags sample gowns from area bridal shops.

Do you do in house alterations?
We do not, but we have a wonderful seamstress to refer you to. She has 40+ years of experience with bridals and other formal gowns, does outstanding work, and offers great rates to Always a Bride clients!

Do you have layaway?
Yes, we do! (Wedding gowns only.) Our 90 day layaway plan is very simple … 50% down and the other 50% due when you pick up.

Do you carry plus size dresses?
Yes we do! We carry all sizes, and we’ll take any size on consignment as long as the other consignment requirements … from infant, to girls, juniors, misses, and plus!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash, and Personal check (with identification). Online purchases require and are completed through Paypal.








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Consigning (Selling):

When is a good time to bring my items in to sell on consignment?
There is no appointment necessary to bring your items in to sell.  Weekdays are far better than Saturdays for consigning your items, but if that’s your only availability, we’ll do our best to accommodate. As far as time of the year, any time is a good time for most items. Shoppers are always coming in to see what is new. The only exception is prom dresses – we only accept prom dresses from November through early March.

Will you buy my items outright?
No. Currently, we take items on a consignment basis only.

How long is consignment?  6 months with a 2 week period to pick up at the end.

Do you ever renew consignment contracts?  Sometimes. We may ask the consignor if he or she would like to extend for another 6 months, the consignment of a wedding gown that has had a lot of interest at the time of pick up. Consignment contracts do not automatically renew. A new agreement must be initiated dated and signed.

Is there a fee to consign my items?  We do not collect up-front consignment fees. In exchange for this, we expect that consignment dates be followed precisely.

Can I pick my items up early? If you would like to retrieve your consigned items during the first 5 months of the contracted consignment period, there is an early pull fee of $35, or the amount of commission we would receive had the item sold at the current consignment price, whichever is least, regardless of reason,

How much money will I receive for my items?  Consignors get 50% of the final sale price of wedding gowns, and 40% of other dresses and other items. Final sale price excludes sales tax and shipping when applicable.

How will I get paid when my item(s) sell?
If you have only one item on consignment, we send a check to you right away after it sells. For everything else, we send a check to you as soon your account reaches $50 or more, every $50 or more after that, and at the end of your consignment period with what ever money is left in your account.

How does Always a Bride price items that come in on consignment?
In consignment, there is a delicate balance between getting the consignor the most money for their item(s), and providing a great deal for the shopper. As a consignor, you can have as much input into the price we put on your items as you’d like (including your items markdown, as time goes by). If you do not have a preference on price, we price it similar to comparable stock we have on hand, and that which has sold in the past. We also take into consideration age, style, size, color, and condition. Typically a “new with tags” wedding gown or prom dress can start out with a price that is about 25-40% off of the original retail price. A “new without tags” or “gently used” wedding gown will typically be priced at about 30-60% off of the original retail price. Other special occasion dresses are typically price at about 40-50% off of the original retail price for new-with-tags and 50-70% off of new-without-tags and gently-used gowns. Again, this all depends on style, size, actual age, condition … and of course input from you! Always a Bride does not guarantee the selling of and/or the selling price of consigned items. All estimates of selling values shall not be construed as a promise to sell, or a promise to sell at any set price. In taking your preference into consideration, we simply do our best!

Will you call me at the end of my consignment … when it comes time to pick up any items of mine which have not sold?
No. We will not call or email. In lieu of a charging a consignment fee at the beginning of consignment,  we ask that you keep track of your consignment end and final pick up dates. At the beginning of your consignment, you will be given a copy of the consignment contract that includes these dates. As a consignor, you will need to keep track of those dates and pick up your unsold items in a timely manner. If you would rather not pick you unsold items, you don’t need to do anything … we either liquidate or donate them.

What happens if I don’t pick up my unsold items?  Unsold items that have not been picked up by the consignor become store property. They will be left on the sales floor, put on clearance, or donated at the discretion of Always a Bride without any further information or compensation to the consignor. There will be $15 late pick up fee, regardless of reason, for any items desired to be picked up beyond the consignors final pick up date, keeping in mind that not all items may be available.

I can’t pick up my item(s), can somebody else pick them up for me?  Yes, but we need to have a note signed by you or email from you indicating that this is ok.

Oops! I am moving/having surgery/will be out of town/… etc. during the 2 week pick-up peroid after my consignment end date and can NOT pick my items before or on the final pick up date. What do I do?  Contact us BEFORE your final pick up date, and we would be more than happy to set a new final pick up date that would work better for you. Contacting us BEFORE your final pick up date insures that your items will still be available to you, and that no late pick up fee will be charged to you.


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